Our Tribe

Scarlett ~ "ScarJo"

Our Tribe's queen! She is the reason we fell in love with Pomskies and we strive to bring you a companion just like her! She is pet only and is here to stay forever.

Extroverted and high energy, she will love you on her own terms! Extremely food motivated, but trust me she will tell you how to do your job! 

We adopted her in July of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. We don't know much about her background except that she was 6 months old and we drove 8 hours to bring her home and have never looked back.

Keera F2 ~ "Bunny"

Our Tribe's princess and first future mama of our program! She is currently 18lbs. Extremely affectionate and has no concept of personal space! Always the fastest dog but always the gentle one. She has the best temperament and is always happy and bouncy, hence the name "Bunny".

She is wooly coated, double blue eyes.

Embark clear - Ee, Bb, Dd, awat NDup

OFA Prelims - Elbows&Hips Good

OFA Caer - Good

OFA Cardiac - Clear

OFA Patellas - Pending

Rocky F4 ~ Our Main Man

Meet Mr. Rocky! Our foundation stud is a MICRO pomsky, expected to be ready in 2023. He is charting 8-9lbs full grown. We are expecting micro and mini babies from him. He can produce greys, black & white and rare blue pups.

Plush coat and double blue eyes.

Embark clear - EE, BB, Dd, awat, DupDup


Basil F3 ~ Blue

FKA Guinevere from The Camelot Litter, produced here at HTP, this lady has an AMAZING panel. She is a RARE blue pomsky. We are expecting amazing pups in the future. You don't want to miss this, so stay tuned. She will be ready late 2023/early 2024. Charting 13-15lbs, she is a mini pomsky.

Plush coat and double blue eyes.

Embark clear - EE, Bb, dd, awat, DupDup