Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in producing the best quality pets! Our dogs live in home with us and have plenty of space to run around. We are a small family breeder, this ensures that our dogs are raised with the love and care that they deserve. Hill Tribe Pomskies is striving to have all of our dogs DNA health tested and OFA tested. This ensures that your pet will come from a line of healthy and sound dogs.

Early Development

  • ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)

    • Our puppies will be gently exposed to early stimulation of sounds and touch. All to help their transition into becoming a well socialized pet.

    • Benefits include:

      • Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)

      • Stronger heart beats

      • Stronger adrenal glands

      • More tolerance to stress

      • Greater resistance to disease

  • ESI (Early Scent Introduction)

    • Pomskies are a new breed, so we are striving to create the best start for our puppies. They will be exposed to various scents in their early development.

    • Benefits include:

      • Nose awareness and confidence! Great for hunting, tracking and diabetic alert dogs (to name a few).

  • BAB Curriculum

    • Have you heard of the Baddass Breeder? BAB strives to change the narrative of breeders. We make sure all our puppies are ethically raised, as well as ensuring our dogs come from healthy lines. We follow a curriculum that would help us place the right pet into into the right home. Have more questions? Please contact us!