About Us

Our love for pomskies began with our plush sable pup. They are the perfect furry companion. We hope to bring you the joy that our pomskies have given us! Healthy and beautiful companions live here.

We ensure that all our dogs are healthy and loved. All of our program dogs have been Embarked/DNA Health tested to ensure they are genetically healthy. Our dogs are also health checked with certificates from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). 

We are located in the Midwest USA. More precisely we reside in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC)

Please note that we are part of the American Pomsky Kennel Club and follow their Pomsky standards. For more information, please visit their website: https://americanpomskykennelclub.org/apkc-standards-2023

Our APKC Listing is located here: https://americanpomskykennelclub.org/ofa-breeders

A few other affiliations to note, we are Good Dog certified, Embark DNA Test all our dogs, and a member of the Pomsky Owners Association.

Embark DNA Profiles of our dogs can be found here

What to Expect when you take home a puppy from us:

Have questions?

Please contact us at hilltribepomskies@gmail.com for more information


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