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Our love for pomskies began with our plush sable pup Scarlett. She has given me so much love and enjoyment with her sassy personality and huge appetite. Pomskies are the perfect furry companion. We hope to bring you the joy that our pomskies have given us! Healthy and beautiful companions live here.

We pride ourselves in producing the best quality pets! Our dogs live in home with us and have plenty of space to run around. We are a small family breeder, this ensures that our dogs are raised with the love and care that they deserve. Hill Tribe Pomskies is striving to have all of our dogs  Embark DNA health tested and OFA tested. This ensures that your pet will come from a line of healthy and sound dogs. 

As a proud Minnesota Pomsky breeder, we hope to continuously improve this breed and have joined the American Pomsky Kennel Club in the efforts of making this amazing mini-husky breed a true pure breed recognized by the AKC. We are also the ONLY Minnesota Pomsky Breeder in the APKC that has OFA health tested dogs to ensure we are bringing healthy pets into this world!

We are located in Eagan, Minnesota.

American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC)

Please note that we are part of the American Pomsky Kennel Club and follow their Pomsky standards. For more information, please visit their website: APKC Standards

Our APKC Listing is located here: APKC Hill Tribe Pomskies

A few other affiliations to note, we are Good Dog certified, Embark DNA Test all our dogs, and a member of the Pomsky Owners Association.

Embark DNA Profiles of our dogs can be found here:

What to Expect when you take home a puppy from us:

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Health Guarantee

We are confident in our program and our dogs that we offer a health guarantee and warranty! 

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I will always be here for any questions or support that you may need for the lifetime of your pet!

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Gain access to an exclusive group to keep up with your pup's siblings and other litters from HTP!

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